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Browsing the intertubes, reading Twitter, saw @AMDRadeon, re-tweeted a tweet from someone speaking Portuguese, I raised my right eyebrow. Remember the announcement from AMD made “to optimize cost structure” and lay-off around 1400 people starting from November 3, 2011? Remember the report that the PR department took a deep hit? Guess what, there are still people employed to update the official Twitter feeds, including @AMDRadeon and @AMDNotebook! Surprise, surprise.

Back to the tweets, it seems that an AMD PR has decided to re-tweet a rather interesting bit of information, XDR2 on Radeon HD 7000 series, the original tweet can be viewed here. Personally, I would suggest taking this with loads of salt, simply because there isn’t a single major memory vendor making XDR2 memory modules, and I don’t believe the talk about “there will be supply when there are demands” kind of talk while I doubt about whether or not anyone is sampling XDR2 memory in volume at this point. To give you a little background there, XDR2 supports transferring data at 16 times the system clock rate with micro-threading support, and uses differential signalling, and Rambus claims that “it’s the best thing since the RDRAM”.

Unfortunately, this tweet looks like it will spark another round of speculations on this already disproven technical claim. This may be because the current AMD twitter accounts are likely staffed by a new crop of people, ones that may not have been involved with the earlier round, or the tech itself. So, in the future, if you see anything bizarre while mentioning the @AMDRadeon twitter handle, and that is being re-tweeted with the phrase “Awesome!” or something alike, don’t hold your breath. S|A

P.S. Could have used the Twitter Fail Whale as the icon, but it’s not on the resources page from Twitter website. Oh well, guess they probably don’t want that to be highlighted as a Twitter feature.

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