Rambus loses court case against Hynix and Micron

Nobody wins but the lawyers

Rambus Logo

Do you know why RDRAM from Rambus (NASDAQ:RMBS) never panned out? Because the big bad guys from Hynix and Micron, according to Rambus, colluded to keep DRAM prices artificially low to prevent Rambus entering the market.

Yesterday a jury at the California Superior Court in found that this was not the case and rejected the demands for restitution from Rambus.  As a result its shares fell 61% on the stock market. Hynix and Micron have argued all the way that Rambus failed because of poor execution and technology.  All the court cases filed by Rambus have certainly kept us entertained here at SemiAccurate even if has dragged on seemingly forever.

One thing to note about this case, Rambus was the one that brought it against Hynix and Micron, so the IP company did not lose the much touted $4 Billion as much as not win it. They basically go home empty handed, but the lawyers on both sides won. A lot.S|A

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