Asia to dominate ISSCC

But Europe and United States still hang in there.

For the first time it will be the papers from Asia that will dominate ISSCC (International Solid State Circuits Conference) that is slated to take place in San Francisco come this February.

The Asian papers come in large part from Korea where they are state sponsored, but there are also some interesting Chinese papers. One specific paper will outline a 16 core microprocessor in 65nm technology from Fudan University in Shanghai.

We can, of course, also expect to see processor papers from the usual suspects. Intel will detail its 22nm Ivy Bridge as well as some 32nm products. The 22nm prodcuts are the first in the industry to use tri-gate transistors commercially and Intel is promising a 50% cut in power consumption compared to the current 32nm technology.  And Fujitsu will present details on its latest SPARC processor that is mainly used in high performance computers.

Apart from this we should also expect to see a lot of wireless chips including a few self powered chips that work off the radio signal and therefore will not require any additional power supply. This will make them ideal for implants.

Stay tuned for more coverage live from ISSCC when it begins on February 20.S|A

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