SAS to allow mobile phones

Will also provide passengers with a shared 12 Mbps W-Fi-connection.

Starting this month Scandinavian Airlines will once again have wireless Internet available on its planes. The first plane, a Boeing 737-800, has already been equipped with Wi-Fi and 9 more are set to follow soon. SAS initially offered Wi-Fi back in 2005 in co-operation with Connexion by Boeing, but they went bankrupt.  No planes fell out of the sky back then, the bankruptcy was due to other causes.

In addition to providing Wi-Fi the plan is to also allow the use of mobile phones on board staring next year. The phones will connect to an on board pico cell that will use the same shared broadband connection to allow passengers to text as well as making and receiving voice calls.

And now for the really good news: At least initially the Wi.Fi service will be free for all passengers – all you have to do is connect to the hot spot and log on – no credit card or other funny activation required to use the service.

SAS still needs to detail what the charges will be after the initial introduction.

SAS writes in its press release that Wi-.Fi and phone services eventually will be available on all flights, both domestic, European and intercontinental.S|A

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