VMware to support Linux, Mac and Kindle

Never leave your virtual desktop behind

VMware (NYSE:VMW) has released a technology preview of clients supporting Linux, Mac and Kindle Fire according to a press release from the company.

Using the View client the user can now view a virtual Windows  Desktop on a variety of devices that do not natively support Windows.

The advantage is that the user can take the desktop along from device to device. Use a Windows based computer at work, use a Kindle Fire while commuting and finally settle at home and use a virtual desktop on a Macintosh.

Virtual desktops are gaining in popularity because they not only allow Windows applications to be deployed to a variety of devices, but also allow users to move from device to device without having to restart their applications.

Virtual desktops also allow for much better use of IT resources since the operating system is executed on a server alongside other images while the client is only used for display and input purposes.S|A

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