Ice Cream Sandwich available on MIPS

Moar options…

Just days after the first MIPS (NASDAQ:MIPS) based tablet with Ice Cream Sandwich was released in China MIPS has made the newly ported version of Ice Cream Sandwich generally available for download.

Ice Cream Sandwich basically improves the performance of the operating system, but also has several new features in the user interface.  These features include virtual buttons, a new tab for widgets, drag and drop folders, enhanced copy and paste functionality and more.

Android is mainly known for its existence on ARM-based hardware, but we are seeing an increase in the number of devices based around processor designs using the MIPS instruction set.

Especially Chinese fabless microprocessor companies seem to favor MIPS over ARM for its smaller footprint and lower power consumption, which really plays a major role when you try to equip their whole population with IT equipment.S|A

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