Intel releases Cedar Trail

Performance figures for the complete Medfield platforms are very promising.

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Intel (NASDAQ:INTC) has been so kind as to send us a press release to let us know the Cedar Trail version of the Atom-processor has just been released.

The press release contains very little information about the chip other than the fact that it is fabbed in the traditional 32nm process, but let’s try and nail the details down anyhow.

Cedar Trail, now officially known as Atom N2600 and Atom N2800, run at 1.6 and 1.83GHz respectively and are set to compete with the AMD Brazos offering.

In the press release Intel still mention NetBooks although these devices don’t seem to be very popular these days and Intel is also placing much more emphasis on the embedded market.  The Atom processors come with integrated graphics courtesy of Imagination. The graphics support DirectX 10.1.

At the same time performance figures for the complete Medfield platform have started to appear. These figures show a complete platform power consumption of 3.6W under full load and 2.6W when idling, more on this when the embargo lifts.

These figures are comparable to chips using the ARM design, but it is worth noting that the ARM chips already have been on the market for about one year, whereas the Intel offering is brand new.

Nevertheless it seems that Intel may finally have a chance in the tablet market.  How Medfield will perform in real life will greatly depend on how good a job Intel does of optimizing the latest version of Android for the Atom processor, but if I was holding shares in ARM then I would start feeling a little uneasy.S|A

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