AMD launches mobile HD7000 GPUs

Welcome the new HD7700M, HD7800M, and HD7900M

AMD logoAMD has finally launched the HD7000M line we told you about last August with three new chips. The new parts are all 28nm, and based on ASICs we have seen before.

The three GPUs are called Wimbeldon, Heathrow, and Chelsea, and come in Pro and XT flavors, or is that flavours given the locale? Wimbeldon is based on the desktop Pitcairn GPU, also known as the HD7800 series, while the bottom two are based on Cape Verde aka HD7700. The three will be called the HD7900M, HD7800M, and HD7700M respectively, just add 100 and an M to the desktop equivalent.

As you would expect, all are 28nm, all are GNC/VLIW4+, and all have the latest feature set that the desktop parts do, mainly because they are the same chip. The family looks like this.

AMD HD7000M lineup

AMD’s 28nm mobile lineup like we predicted

AMD isn’t listing the specific model names of the Pro and XT parts, but you can find info about a 7770M, 7870M and 7970M in the slides. We would guess the Pro variants will follow with 7x50M versions in the very near future. Other than Enduro, basically 100% power down for a discrete mobile GPU as explained by Leo here, there isn’t much more to say.S|A

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