AMD’s 28nm mobile lineup leaked too

3 new ASICs, six new SKUs

AMD logoYesterday, we showed you the Nvidia 28nm mobile lineup, now it is time for the AMD (NYSE:AMD) version as well. The short story, TSMC is the key.  When they can produce 28nm, so can the industry.

AMD’s 28nm line consists of three ASICs, supplemented on the low end by 40nm part, but who cares about those? You have Wimbeldon, Heathrow and, Chelsea, all in XT and Pro versions. The specs and relative performance are below. Please note, as with yesterday’s exclusive leaks, some numbers have been blurred to protect the guilty, and some things omitted. Enjoy.S|A

AMD 28nm mobile lineup

Add a few 40nm parts at the bottom for everything

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