Intel outs Merrifield and 6331

22nm phone phocused Atoms

Intel Atom LogoIntel has two new 22nm phone chips to talk about, and one platform gets pushed out to 2014. The two new ones are Merrifield and 6331, Future platform is pushed out until the, err, future.

The high end 22nm Atom for phones is of course the new core architecture, but how much of the current uncore gets pulled over is unclear. In any case, it is likely a dual core, and will do the obligatory performance increase with an attendant power decrease. The interesting bits, the uncore, are yet unnamed and capabilities unrevealed. If you take a large chunk out of clock speeds, then lose a core, you get to the ultra sexy 6331. Intel needs to get better names, but this does beat iSomething meaningless by miles.

Intel Merrifield and 6331

The obligatory vague slide

Merrifield is coupled with the new XMM 7260 radio, and is of course the successor to the imminent dual core 32nm Z2580 plus XMM 7160 modem. 6331 is curiously of no relation to SemiAccurate forum member 265586888, but it does succeed the also imminent Z2000 plus XMM 6265 combo. The previously mentioned ‘Future’ platform now moves out to 2014 but we now know it is on 14nm.S|A

Updated: Typo fixed, 6311 -> 6331

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