ADATA’s fast microSDHC card

Moar speed!

Adata has come out with something sorely needed for high end phones, UHS-1 microSD cards. In case you don’t know what this means, is is a speed rating, think really fast.

Most smartphones have one big problem, their SD card access speed is a bit lacking. If you compare load times and storage times for large files, there is a big difference between a high end card and a low end card, and bad flash can hobble a good phone. The fastest cards out there support the UHS-1 high speed bus, and they are rated at >10MBps, the spec says anything up to 104MBps is UHS-1.

While there have been a few UHS-1 SD cards out there, Adata’s new Premiere Pro microSDHC UHS-1 U1 cards are the first microSD sized UHS-1 cards that we know of. They come in 16 and 32GB capacities, and are rated at 45MBps read, 40MBps write when in UHS-1 mode.
















The cards and their big brothers

If your phone or device supports UHS-1, these cards should fly, supporting full HD video at high bit rates with ease, and burst modes that are on many people’s wish list are now supported not just by DRAM caches, but by microSD cards as well. If your phone supports it, these cards are a proverbial ‘very good thing’. If your device doesn’t support UHS-1, these cards will probably max out your bus, so storage won’t be the weak link any more.S|A

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