Trinity’s system architect turns up at Apple

Gettin the band back together

Apple Inc.Remember when we were rather critical about the AMD mass knifings a few months ago? Today, there is one more story to add to the happy endings pile.

The short story is that several seriously talented high level engineers went bye-bye on that sad day, along with many other very capable talents. Some were pushed, others given no real choice but to jump, and some simply left when they saw what was going on. The result was ugly, really ugly, and some of the long term effects are only now becoming obvious.

One ray of sunshine that pokes through it all is the story of John Bruno, you know, the guy who brought you Trinity. Losing him was probably one of the dumbest things AMD did, but there are more than enough other candidates for that title to fill a phone book. In any case, Mr Bruno is no longer at AMD, and until today, was off the radar.

Cruising around the net today, we noticed that he has an updated job description, “System Architect at Apple”. Why Intel didn’t hire him is beyond us, but who are we to question the arcane logic of Fortune 500 HR? The only thing that pops in to our head at this point is… well…. this.S|A

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