TSMC holds a group wedding… and buys 5% of ASML

No, we are not joking, but we do mock one…..

TSMC - logoIt looks like ASML has another investor, TSMC agreed to step up and buy a chunk of the company today. Like Intel before it, TSMC is also committing to fund R&D as well, but Intel isn’t doing the mass wedding thing….yet.

If you recall, about a month ago, Intel agreed to step up to the plate and spend $4.1 billion on ASML, with most going to a 15% ownership stake, the rest going to subsidize 450mm and EUV R&D. The open question was whether others, notably TSMC and Samsung, would step up and do the same. SemiAccurate speculated on the implications here and here.

Today that question is at least half answered, TSMC just bought 5% of ASML for 838 million Euros, and tossed in another 276 million Euros to fund EUV and 450mm development. You can read TSMC’s statement here, and ASML’s much more detailed version here. This is the second big news in from the foundry in as many days, but today’s ASML news pales in comparison to Saturday’s events.

Yes, TSMC finally held their first group wedding. No really, they put up a press release about it too. If someone wants to translate the Chinese version for us, please send us an email, SemiAccurate is dying to know the details. ASML may be over $1 billion happier now, but TSMC held a group wedding. Global Foundries didn’t do that, but we aren’t 100% sure Samsung hasn’t at some point in the past. Anyone know for sure?S|A

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