Qualcomm is the last big SoC vendor to join the HSA foundation

All aboard, or is it all onboard?

HSA Foundation LogoIt looks like the HSA foundation just got a new member, Qualcomm. The party is getting more crowded every day, and there are lots of others waiting to announce their moves too.

The short story is that AMD made a foundation to form a community around the HSA bus/interface that they are implementing. For some odd reason, they called it the HSA Foundation, and the founding members are ARM, Imagination, TI, and Mediatek. Samsung later jumped on board, and yesterday was Qualcomm’s turn.

Since ARM is part of the process, and it will be rolled in to their cores as standard, expect every ARM vendor who doesn’t have a religious objection to join. Those that don’t are either silent members, or waiting for a product announcement to come out of the proverbial closet. Qualcomm is the last of the relevant SoC players to join, so the whole HSA paradigm is now cemented as the next big thing.S|A

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