30 Watt Introduces The GAMEMAXX!!1!

Perfect for kids and adults of all ages!

Yesterday a new gag gift was borne on to this world by a small Minneapolis based company named 30 Watt. I should preface the photos of this gift by saying that yes, it is just a box. What goes inside of it is up to you, but the content on the outside of the box was chosen based on 30 Watt’s, “proprietary-patented-analytical-methodology…” So without further ado I’d like to introduce the GAMEMAXX.

Courtesy of 30 Watt

Here are a few choice quotes from the press release…

The GAMEMAXX is complete with a built-in neck strap for easy access to all buttons, a misting/hydration system and a fan making it every gamers dream come true.

The days of light-weight gaming controllers are over. Capable of holding a gallon of gaming refreshments, and cooling gamers off with its built-in fan and misting system, this all inclusive controller allows gamers to focus more on the game and less on themselves. It is impossible to lose with an eight-pound controller hanging around your neck.

Courtesy of 30 Watt

“An enormous game controller like the GAMEMAXX is ridiculous,” says Arik Nordby, Creative Director at 30 Watt. 

30 Watt creates funny products and was started by former staff members of the Onion. The company uses a proprietary-patented-analytical-methodology, to identify and create products that make people laugh.

Courtesy of 30 Watt

Now remember this is just a box, not a real product, but I’m sure some of our readers could find a use for it when the holiday season rolls around. Is anyone up for another box review?S|A

Editor’s note:  They have not provided us a unit for review despite a request for one.

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