XBox Next/720 architecture only adds to Microsoft’s problems

Analysis: How Microsoft did the hardware wrong and Sony did things right

XBox LogoThe PS4 has turned in to the XBox, sans 360, and the XBox Next has become the PS3, Sony has already won the next war. The reasons for this may not be obvious until the XBox hardware is unveiled, so let’s do a bit of that now.

SemiAccurate already told you about the PS4 being x86 well over a year ago, and that the PS4 will pummel the XBox Next/720 in every relevant way. Short story, Sony wins the next round and Microsoft looses, painfully, definitively, and on merit. Many people pointed out that the raw numbers we presented in the last article don’t necessarily tell the entire story, the PS3 was more powerful than the XBox 360 and XBox won this round. That is exactly the point, once you know a little more about the upcoming architectures you will understand why raw numbers are only the beginning of Microsoft’s next generation pain.

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