Intel put something stupid in Cannonlake

On die idiocy is much more efficient that an MCM

Intel - logoEvery once in a while you hear about a feature for an upcoming chip who’s sheer stupidity makes you want to cry. SemiAccurate felt that way when we heard the ‘killer app’ for Intel’s upcoming Cannonlake family.

Yes there are times when a feature initially seems odd or at least a bit unusual and then it turns out to be a very good thing in retrospect. Those are few and far between however, most things that seem stupid on the surface turn out to be just that, stupid. Or worse. Sometimes much worse.

In the case of Cannonlake, there is a feature that is so dumb it makes your head hurt. No, it makes you wonder how someone could have gotten this waste of silicon area green-lit under any circumstances. Then you look back and think, “Intel product planning”, and the world makes sense even if it is no less abjectly stupid. Given how things work, someone is in line for a big promotion in a bit over a year, it is really that bad.

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