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Computex 2015: Exactly what we told you about last year UPDATED

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Update June 1, 2015 @ 7am: We got this one really wrong, we had several sets of specs sent to us with the clocks and a few other bits and we jumped to a conclusion that was wrong. There was a GM204 based GTX980Ti on the roadmaps last fall that Nvidia did not release for competitive reasons, and we assumed this was it. We were wrong, sorry about that. SemiAccurate needs at least two sources before publishing and while we had them this time, we screwed up badly on the bits that were not on the spec sheets. In penance I will be walking all over Taipei in the blistering heat and humidity until I learn. It may take a while.


It looks like Nvidia is finally launching the 980Ti we told you about last August. The details are a bit scarce at the moment but we do have a few bits for you.

Officially the 980TI is going to launch on Tuesday June 2, a bit later than the fall introduction we told you about. SemiAccurate’s sources say the 980Ti was ready then but there was no real reason to launch it because of AMD’s response or lack thereof. In short the 980TI is just an upclocked 980, a higher bin.

While SemiAccurate originally heard that AMD’s Fiji would be out about the same time as the shrunken GM204-16, both schedules were later revised. In short TSMC’s 16nm process is a mess, don’t expect more than tapeouts this year, and Fiji seems to be a bit downgraded from what we heard. Both sides are a mess.

So what is Nvidia launching? The GTX980Ti is nothing more than the high bin 980, this time it is clocked at an even 1GHz. Several variants are being touted by the normal AIB set with top shelf ‘Press Edition’ parts hitting ~1250MHz or so. OEMs are expecting 75-100MHz boost/turbo speeds on the low end, 100+MHz on the press variants. Everything else should be the same as the non-Ti 980s, it isn’t the big Maxwell the BS rumor sites listed a while ago, it is just what we said it was last year.S|A

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