Anyone want to see what Carrizo looks like?

Computex 2015: Package shots and a fake contest

AMD A10 LogoSemiAccurate has a new contest for readers surrounding Carrizzo with some great prizes to win. Actually we don’t, it is just an excuse to show off a picture of the package for you all.

AMD Carrizo package picture

It looks like this when you are close

The ‘contest’ is simple enough, there are *7* distinct fingerprints on the Carrizo package above. Name them all correctly and win something valuable. How valuable? It is trash day in the SemiAccurate neighborhood tomorrow and there may be some worthwhile things on the curb in the morning. If anyone wins by then, we will go for a walk and select a valuable prize for the winner from the grab bag of value. In the mean time, enjoy the picture.S|A

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