Kensington goes wireless and makes luggage too

CES 2016: If you were expecting the expected, they have that too

Kensington logoKensington had two desktop devices and one bit of luggage to show off at CES. SemiAccurate was expecting the desktop devices but the luggage took us by surprise.

The first thing we noticed was the new Kensington wireless Expert Mouse aka trackball. While we are not sure why it is called a mouse or what makes a trackball expert, we can say that the wired version is amazingly good. SemiAccurate has been using one off and on for years and it is quite nice and solid, the scroll ring around the ball is a great idea. This new one is now wire free via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, a good thing even if the wires never bothered us on the old version. Look for it soon for around $99, same price as the wired version.

Kensington wireless trackball and charging stand

Laptop stand, charger, and wireless mouse. And another charger.

Between the Expert Mouse and the laptop stand is a charging pad demo which we will ignore because it is just a charging pad. More interesting is the laptop stand, it too is a charging pad, at least on the bottom hence the name Max Laptop Riser With Wireless Power. If you throw your devices under the keyboard, as long as they are Qi compliant, they will charge like magic. If only the top charged the laptop too, life would be a bit better but sadly things have not progressed that far on the laptop front, not the charging front. This stand should retail for about $99 and an M4WP version is being studied now too.

Kensington SecureTrek locking luggage

SecureTrek locking luggage

Last up is one of those blindingly obvious things that only occurs to you when you see it done by someone else. Kensington is well known for their namesake laptop locks, you know that rectangular port that your laptop likely has, they all do. Since this format and lock is so ubiquitous, why not use it for related office things like travel bags? As you can see above they did just that calling the line SecureTrek. Duh. Prices vary by the size and capability of the bag but look for them to run in the $79-$149 range. Good idea, I could use all three of these things, and a Kensington lock with a handcuff on one end just to impress airport personnel. Please make one for us guys.S|A

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