SKHynix shows of 8GB LPDDR4x phone modules

Qualcomm 4G/5G: More memory for more consumers

SKHynix logoIt looks like Hynix is the first to show off LPDDR4x modules and 8GB phone memory stacks. At Qualcomm’s 4G/5G Summit, SemiAccurate was shown both types of memory.

In a world where 4GB of memory in phones is hard to show a use for other than program reloading, we are now boldly stepping into 6GB and 8GB modules. Why? ‘Consumer demand’. When consumers want bigger numbers, OEMs and suppliers give it to them. You can almost hear the batteries cry. That said what Hynix has made here is pretty impressive, 8GB of DRAM and 6GB of flash, and yes we know that the first ‘B’ in the picture is a typo.

SK Hynix 8GB LPDDR4x modules with flash

8GB LPDDR4x modules with less flash

Forgive the pictures, the flash on our camera died and the conditions at the show were awful. That said this second picture also shows bare 8GB LPDDR4x modules without flash. We mean flash memory but the flash on the camera was absent here too. In any case this version is a PoP module for upcoming phone SoCs, likely the Snapdragon 830 at first. Enjoy.S|A

SK Hynix 8GB LPDDR4x modules

8GB dual channel LPDDR4x modules

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