Chris Hook and Heather Lennon leave Intel

Updated: A big hole left in graphics marketing

Intel LogoTwo longtime industry graphics marketing gurus, Chris Hook and Heather Lennon, just left Intel. SemiAccurate thinks these latest departures are going to be a big blow to the company.

Chris Hook and Heather Lennon’s departure from Intel to a yet unnamed startup are the latest blow to Intel’s PR/marketing machine after Jon Carvill left for NuVia a few weeks ago. This writer met Chris Hook in the early 2000’s at the pre-AMD ATI. After the merger, Chris was at AMD where Heather Lennon came into the picture, then both went to Intel in the past year or two. Now both are going to a startup, something that seems to be the in thing to do in Silicon Valley of late.

We wish them both well and hope Intel can fill this hole quickly, the upcoming launches of Arctic Sound and Ponte Veccio were both likely under their purview. Given their deep histories in the graphics and PR/marketing world, it is going to be very interesting to see where they turn up. Good luck on your latest oddesy guys.S|A

Update Nov. 27 @ 4:34pm: Added a pun to the last sentence because, well, I had to. I feel bad for not thinking of it right away.

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