ATI Evergreen to be called “7 Series”

Picture of the new logo inside

Update: It looks like this is either not real, or not final. The fonts are off. Call it 50-50 for real. If it is a fake, it is well done.

THE UPCOMING ATI Evergreen family finally has a name and logo, or at least they will when it is announced shortly. With a stunning level of kissing up to Redmond, the new family will be called the “7 Series”.

ATI 7 Series tag line

Pretty prety logo. Well, not really, but clean and unoffensive.

Since we noticed a few viral outings of the logo in places(1), it is time to share a bit more. As you can see from this shot, the new chips will be called the ‘ATI Radeon 7 Series’, with a tag line of, ‘ “Get the 7 Experience” ‘. The 7 is green which makes us wonder if ATI red will soon become ATI green, but that is nothing more than pure speculation. R:G:B 255:255:0 may be a pretty shade of yellow, but it is nowhere to be seen in the stuff shown to S|A.

Since Nvidia won’t have anything to sell at the Windows 7 launch, it is no wonder that ATI is going to hitch their horse to the Microsoft wagon. They will have the only real DX11 part this year, so why not make the most of it? We were lobbying ATI to call the product ‘ATI Radeon 9.10 Series’, but that went nowhere. EU, are you listening?

In case you are wondering, the leading quote before the ‘Get’ is actually dropped, but we don’t think that this is an inference to the still broken nature of Windows Me II SP7. That said, we could not replicate the bug on Ubuntu, anyone know the hex code for it?S|A

Update 2: W0mbat scrubbed his sig. That almost assures that it is faked. Well done fake though.

(1) As an exercise to the readers, compare and contrast this and this, noting dates.

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