Sweden gets world exclusive GeForce Fermin card

Extremely limited edition card from XFX

WHO WOULD’VE BELIEVED that Nvidia was willing create an exclusive card with one of its partners that would only go on sale in a single country. Well, it’s true and we have sourced proof from the exclusive online retailer that will be selling these very rare cards.

The design of the XFX GeForce Fermin as the card will be called is somewhat unusual as it’s using a quad stacked design. This is apparently only intended for serious overclockers who run their graphics cards on the “bench” so to speak, as it won’t fit into a normal ATX chassis. Nvidia and XFX have pulled out all the stops here to create something truly unique for the hardcore overclockers.

The so far unspecified GPU is clocked at what appears to be a fairly slow 666MHz, but this custom chip from Nvidia has no less than 666 stream processors (also known as shaders) which should allow it to beat just about any card on the market when it comes to GPGPU performance, although with that many shaders we’d expect the card to perform extremely well in most games. The GPU has been paired up with 4GB of GDDR5 memory using a 666-bit bus and the memory operates on a 666MHz quad pumped bus which results in the equivalent data rate of 2,664MHz, which blows the competition away.

The most amazing thing here is, at least if your budget allows it, that you can run a pair of these cards in SLI. Considering that a single card requires a 1,000W power supply, we can but only wonder how much power two cards will need, suspecting they’ll approach 2 kilowatts. The GPU appears to be running mighty hot, as the card has no less than four fans to help cool it. Swedish online retailer inet is Nvidia’s exclusive partner for the card and they’re offering two accessories for it. The first is a bag of mixed screws, but we were unable to confirm if this will include any wood screws or not. The second accessory is an ESD wrist strap with a spiral cable which is meant to be used at all times that the card is connected up to your system.

Now for the bad news, the cost. You’re look at ponying up no less than 9,995 SEK for one of these puppies, which is about $1,390. If that sounds like a bargain to you, then you better hurry up and put in your order now, as we’ve been told that there’s only a very limited run of these cards. Preorders are accepted, but limited to today only. This is a chance to own a truly limited edition Nvidia collector’s item and to have the bragging rights of owning one of the biggest graphics cards ever made.S|A

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