AMD Demos Llano

It’s real

This week in Taipei AMD showed a short demo of Fusion.  We will note that the cameraman needs training and better equipment.  However, we do feel the need to bring you this for your viewing pleasure or pain.
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Bumpgate alternative to class action

If you go it alone

Editor’s Note:  Mr. Fahey writes about his personal experience.  It may not be your personal experience and nothing in this article should be considered legal advice.  It is the story of one man, a smart, persistent man, solving the problem of a dead computer.  You may or may not have a defective card.  However, in light of the recent settlement for the class action suit involving HP, Dell and Apple models alternatives are being considered by owners.  That settlement is something that you, if you’re an affected user, may opt out of and pursue legal action on your own or as part of a different class action, there are more coming, if your parts are not one of the listed parts.  If you do choose to opt out of that settlement the story below is what one of your remaining options are.  Mileage may vary.
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Northern Islands Barts

benefits to moar, bigger?

WE’VE SPENT A fair bit of time over the last month pondering the upcoming Radeon series from AMD. Specifically, the card which is rumored to be the 6770 is of interest. Sure the bigger cards get the crowns and bigger fanfare but this should be a card that most of us are more likely to buy given the price ranges.
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