Patents and Intellectual Property

Want to make your voices heard?

S|A stumbled across a couple of polls this morning, while using a crowbar to pry our eyelids open. The first, on OpenSource.Com is a simple Yes/No, Do you think software patents encourage innovation?

The second one is a bit more complex, and actually required two brain cells firing in unison to fill out. Sagacious Research, who claim to be ‘Your INSIGHT into IP’, are carrying out a World IP Day Survey. Some of the questions are simple Yes/No, others require a bit more work. And some of the wording is a bit, well, biased. They also don’t seem to understand that Patents are only one form of Intellectual Property, that Trademarks and Copyright are every bit, if not more important, and feel free to blast them, errr, educate, them.

If you want to make your voices, heard, click on the links.S|A

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