Intel ups core counts for Westmere servers

Hint: Beckton has 8, Westmere-EX has more

Xeon LogoHOW DO YOU follow an 8-core Nehalem-EX server chip? If you are Intel, you do it with more cores, and that is exactly what Westmere-EX does.

The long story is that we need to make stories longer than one paragraph to satisfy the elves that run the SemiAccurate back end engine. Because of that, we can’t just say Westmere-EX will have 10 cores and end it there, the elf union gets annoyed at stunts like that. If you are still reading the article at this point, you should have stopped at the number 10 because that is the only real information the whole thing contains. We do thank you for your perseverance though.S|A

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