Bulldozers meet t-shirts in the California sun

Hot Chips 22: The shirt of the chip

AMD Opteron LogoWHAT DO YOU get when you cross a Bulldozer and a t-shirt? A Bulldozer design team t-shirt. It may be a lame joke, but it is the SemiAccurate picture of the day.

Bulldozer Shirt Logo

The shirt of the chip, or something like that.

The logo above was on a shirt given to the people who worked on AMD’s Bulldozer. Now that keggers have been stamped out by corporate lawyers and nannys, many chip companies give logo’d shirts to the people upon completion of a big project. Hangovers wear off quickly enough but shirts last a bit longer, even if they are slightly less fun than beer for the first 8 hours.

We have seen tons of shirts for different projects over the past few years, and have sadly neglected to take pictures and post them. From now on, we will try and document these rare creatures before they vanish from the face of the planet. If you have some good shots of your project shirt, send them to SemiAccurate. If we get enough, we’ll post them.S|A

Editor’s note: We don’t have a “picture of the day” but we’ll let Charlie have just this one.

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