Sandy Bridge for sale in early 2011

IDF 2011: Less than two weeks in

Intel LogoWHEN ARE YOU finally going to be able to buy a Sandy Bridge? The wait will be over with an introduction in the first week of 2011 and sales in the second week.

The short story is that the CPUs will be introduced in 2011, but before CES which starts on January 6th. We here at the SemiAccurate crystal ball gazing lab will put an educated guess and say the 5th seems to be the most probable, but the 3rd and 4th are not out of the question.

That doesn’t mean you can buy them on that day though, it is only the official introduction. We are told that parts will start hitting the channel in late November 2010, but sales are forbidden until January 9th. As is normal practice, this means leaks will be plentiful for about a month before release.

So short story, the curtain is raised on January 5, 2011, with parts for sale on January 9, 2011. It looks like 2011 is going to start with a bang for the CPU enthusiasts.S|A

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