Sapphire’s mini-ITX Brazos board spotted

CES 2011: Feature packed and small

Sapphire LogoSAPPHIRE WAS SHOWING off the first of their new breed of Brazos mobos. Remember the team that they poached from EVGA? Now you know what they have been up to.

If you recall, Lars showed off the Gigabyte Brazos boards the other day, and now there is a new one to talk about. This little board is slick.

Sapphire Brazos Board

Punches above it’s weight

The as of now unnamed board has a lot of goodies, an Ontario CPU, likely at 1.6GHz, two SO-DIMM slots and a full PCIe 16x slot. You can plug in a 6970 if you want, and Sapphire will happily sell you one to do it with.

For ports, this board has a HDMI, DVI and VGA for graphics. Full audio plus optical for sound, eSATA, Ethernet, SATA, two USB, and best of all, two USB3 ports. To top it off, the board says bluetooth prominently on it, so I would assume that is onboard as well. Basically this has it all. I want one.S|A

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