Nvidia abruptly replaces their CFO

Opinion: No reason for this, nothing to hide, really

Nvidia world iconIt looks like Nvidia (NVDA)just abruptly ended the term of their CFO for reasons that they don’t want public. The official explanation on why David White is going is for ‘personal reasons’, nothing to worry about there, really.

The official word says that all is happy, and Jen-Hsun Huang even is quoted as thanking him, but the abruptness of the entire affair leaves a lot of questions hanging. Sources questioned by SemiAccurate today said that during meetings with Mr White late last week, there was no mention of any trouble.

Given the recent stock plunge, little ‘whoopsies’ in front of financial analysts, and enough rumors about issues at the company to keep a TLA busy for years, things like this are hardly unexpected. The real question is what prompted it, and was it meant to hide something, or possibly start making a scapegoat? Nothing hard to point to yet, but there are more credible rumors running around Nvidia than any other company in recent memory.

Either way, the morass that is Nvidia finance is going to be incredibly fun to watch, especially if some of the bold and very public claims to analysts are ever asked to be backed up. Grab an extra-large bucket of popcorn, this is only the beginning.S|A

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Charlie Demerjian

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