SuperTalent goes small with mSATA SSDs

The tiny JEDEC SSD standard

When it comes to various computer components standardisation is usually a fairly long and drawn out process and sometimes the industry uptake never ends up getting enough momentum so the standard never takes off. However, the fairly recent mSATA standard seems to be gaining a steady stream of supporters and now SuperTalent has joined with a solution of its own.

The new SSDs use the JEDEC MO-300 standard which looks like a mini PCI Express card normally used for Wi-Fi cards and what not in notebooks. However, the MO-300 standard uses SATA signaling instead of PCI Express and/or USB which means it’s only meant for storage devices. Currently only SATA 3Gbps is supported, but considering that the standard is intended mainly for entry level notebooks/netbooks and tablets, it’s unlike to be a limitation for the time being.

Oddly enough, the press release we were sent didn’t detail the product name, only the fact that the company will offer solutions ranging from 16 to 256GB depending on customer demand. Hopefully SuperTalent will offer mSATA SSDs as retail products as well for consumers wanting to upgrade their mSATA devices. SuperTalent is already offering a selection of mini PCI Express card solutions using non-standard interfaces that are available as upgrades for a wide range of netbooks and some notebooks.S|A

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