Linpus gets MeeGo design win from Fujitsu

Lifebook MH330 goes where no Lifebook has gone before

We’re not going to see a ton of MeeGo phones, but it appears that MeeGo netbooks are a lot closer than we thought. Linpus, a Taiwanese custom Linux company has created its own distribution of MeeGo which will be shipping on at least some of Fujitsu’s Lifebook MH330 models in the shape of Linpus Lite for MeeGo.

Linpus has a long history with MeeGo and the company was even showing off a MeeGo version of its own at Computex last year, although it didn’t seem to attract that much attention. Various features have been added since then including better support for 3G modems, improved power management, better peripheral support, a live update service and interestingly something Linpus calls Windows Data Applications which allows MeeGo to access files from program like Outlook on a Windows partition in a dual-boot system.

As for UI tweaks, Linpus has stuck with the standard MeeGo layout for most things, although some of the features mentioned above have their own unique UIs. Linpus has also added more social networking features via what it calls the M-Zone which gives the user a tab for each of the social network services he or she is using.

Linpus was one of the first companies to get a customised Linux distribution onto a netbook via a partnership with Acer a couple of years back. Linpu Lite for MeeGo works on a wide range of platforms, although it apparently requires 15GB of space which rules out some of the really light weight ARM based products and it also need a 600MHz ARM processor or better in the case of ARM based hardware. Linpus also offers a tablet version of Linpus Lite for MeGoo that offers multi-touch support and only takes up 3GB of storage space. Apparently this version has been designed for Intel’s Pinetrail and Moorestown Atom platforms, so it’s likely that we’ll see a lot more of this in the near future.S|A

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