Mystery AMD GPU spotted at Computex

This one is really odd

ATI logoLooking over racks of cards and boards at Computex occasionally nets you a mystery like this. Take a look at the card below, I have no idea what it is.

AMD Mystery card

Mystery card marked E6760

The card itself was labelled an E6760, something that implies an embedded variant of the 6700 line. Fair enough, but then this card has six video outs, three HDMI and three DVI, something you would not expect in an embedded part. No problem, ATI has six display controllers, so this is a piece of cake, right? Nope. Each DVI and HDMI port takes up two controllers, so with this part, you are limited to three outs, but here we see six. It could be that three are active at any one time, or that all six are for some reason. Odd.

Then you notice it has a small GPU cooler, it looks like one stolen from a 75W card. If you look over to the left, you will see that there are two PCIe power connectors, a 6 and 8 pin, for a total of 300W supplied to the board. That cooler won’t dissipate anything close to that, so that wattage isn’t going in to the GPU, and it doesn’t look like it is going anywhere else on the board either.

To make matters less clear, there are two Crossfire connectors on this card, but the 67xx line does not support that level of connectivity. This board is clearly a custom part, you can see the Crossfire connectors were moved from the reference design, so they were put there on purpose with this re-design.

What is it? Digital signage? Customer specific card? Where is the power going? Is it really needed? Why does thing exist? Why is it called E6760? Anyone know?S|A

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