Bulldozer delayed and not delayed

Schrödinger’s CPU is both at the same time

AMD - logoIt looks like Bulldozer is not delayed after all, sort of. The chip is on time, on performance, and no respins are needed.

Why did we say it was? At a press conference yesterday, Rick Bergman said that the 900 series chipsets, were shipping later this month, and Bulldozer, the CPU that is meant to go with it, ships about a month later. That means June for 9xx chipsets, July for Bulldozer. The problem is that the desktop variant, originally, due in late June or early July, was delayed the two months we said it was. The server variant however is pulled in to about where the desktop was. Those of you keen on roadmaps will realize that the server chip was previously set to come out at the end of the August, where the desktop is now planed for.

If this looks like AMD did not actually delay anything, just flipped them around, that is about it. Performance didn’t seem to be a sore point when we asked some people who would know, but that isn’t confirmation either way. No word on what the release stepping is either. Take home message, desktop and server variant release time are flipped, the rest is wait and see. We’re waiting……..S|A

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