Tablets to Benefit from 3 new Chinese MIPS-cores

Don’t worry – the cores speak English too…

The 2 Chinese companies Ingenic and Actions Semiconductor have between them released 3 new MIPS-based cores aimed at the ever growing mobile market.  Ingenic has released 2 low power cores running at 1GHz with a power consumption of 250mW.

The most important is the JZ4770 that integrates an OpenGL ES 2.0 3D GPU and numerous on-chip analog and application blocks such as audio CODEC and GPS. The plan is to use the core on both tablet and smartphones. So far TCL Corporation is under way with development of a smartphone based on the JZ4770.

The third MIPS-based core this week comes from Actions Semiconductor Co., Ltd. That has developed a similar core, but it clock in at 1.3GHz making it ideal for high end tablets.

Neither of the firms have provided details about process technology or who is doing the fabbing – and enquiries from SemiAccurate have not been immediately answered.  The many new cores is an indication of an increasing battle in the mobile processor area, where AMD, ARM, Intel and MIPS battle it out.

Both companies are working with MIPS to port the Honeycomb version of Android onto their processors.S|A

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