Intel starts talking about 8nm node

Also more exotic materials on the radar.

At Research@Intel Day Intel (NASDAQ:INTC) was talking alot about its upcoming 22nm process technology, but in a meeting with European press Intel’s Chief Technology Officer Justin Rattner also started talking about later generations much further down the road.

Not only did he talk about the 14nm node that is scheduled to debut in about 2 years, but also about 8nm, that he said was on track about 18 months after the 14 nm release.

On the show floor Intel was showing off 32nm analog CMOS that we mentioned yesterday, but also told SemiAccurate that Intel expects this technology to scale alongside the digital technology – all the way down to 8nm.

If this really pans out, then Intel will have a significant advantage over the competition, which is mainly IBM.

Justin Rattner also discussed future exotic devices using GaAs, something that Intel would not have talked about several years back but according to Rattner the new 3D process technology makes it a lot easier to integrate GaAs into mainstream chips.S|A

Editor’s note: We work very hard to train our writers to cite their sources and link other sites.  It’s the right thing to do and the professional thing to do.  But in some cases, we just have to laugh, if you don’t have Intel roadmaps sitting in front of you mistakes get made.  Like thinking that Intel will shrink from 8nm to 7nm.  AJ, you really should cite your sources, then you might learn when something is a joke.  Either that or compare it to the roadmaps.

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