Elpida does 4 layer DRAM

New module world’s thinnest so far

The Japanese memory manufacturer Elpida Memory Inc. (TYO:6665) has just announced a new interesting mobile memory module. The module is a 4 layer module that is only 0.8mm thick. It is based on PoP (Package on Package) technology and consists of 4 low power DDR2 chips that each has a capacity of 2Gb, thus giving the module a total capacity of 1GB.

Until now 4 layer modules have been 1mm thick and by shaving 0.2mm off the thickness Elpida hopes to sell the module to smartphone manufacturers who want to design extremely slim phones.

It should be noted that there are already dual layer modules at 0.8mm thickness with a 1GB capacity, but Elpida hopes to best those modules by soon announcing a 4 layer module with a 2GB capacity.S|A

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