New processor 10x as effective as Sandy Bridge

Many core processor from Tilera takes up the fight against Intel…

With 36 cores and a power consumption of just 20W the new TILE-Gx 3000 processor from Tilera Corp. could be a potential threat to Intel’s (NASDAQ:INTC) traditional processors.

Each of the 36 cores run at speeds of up to 1 GHz and support 64 bit computing and hardware assisted virtualization.

The TILE-Gx 3000 series was developed using the 40 nanometer TSMC fabrication process. Each core features a three-issue, 64-bit ALU with an advanced virtual memory system. Each core includes 32 kilobytes (kB) of L1 I-cache, 32 kB of L1 D-cache and 256 kB L2 cache, with up to 32 megabytes L3 coherent cache across the device. Processor utilization is optimized using advanced memory stripping that utilizes up to 4 integrated 72-bit DDR3 memory controllers that support up to one terabyte (TB) total capacity. The TILE-Gx 3000 series integrates smart NIC hardware for preprocessing, load balancing, and buffer management of incoming traffic.

The processor with 36 cores will start sampling this summer, but already next year we can look forward to processors in the same series with 64 and 100 cores.

The processors all support Linux 2.6.36 as well as CentOS with complete tool chain support of including Gcc, G++ , Gdb, Gprof, OProfile, perf event, Mudflap, Eclipse.  On the language side there is support of ANSI C/C++, Java, PHP, Perl and Python. The real test will be uptake in the market.S|A

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