Intel gains market share on AMD manufacturing woes

Architecture tuned for the process pays off

Intel’s (NASDAQ:INTC) Sandy Bridge is a big hit, but is also helped by serious manufacturing problems at AMD’s (NYSE:AMD) manufacturing partner GlobalFoundries.  Friday the shares of AMD took a nosedive after the company confirmed manufacturing problems at GlobalFoundries. A point we reported last week.

According to a report from iSupply HIS the Intel market share grew by 1.1 percentage point to 81.1 in the second quarter and AMD lost a similar share. All the numbers represent revenue and not volume.  Revenue is what the shareholders care about, not volume.

The decreasing market share for AMD is partly a result of problems manufacturing the current generation of APUs at GlobalFoundries in Dresden. We don’t expect GlobalFoundries to be able to rectify the problem with the current processors, but instead they will have to wait until the next generation ships in serious quantities in 2012.

The slight shift in market share again demonstrates that Intel, despite what you may think of their architecture and marketing performance, still have a very efficient manufacturing process.S|A

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