Lenovo launches hybrid ThinkPad

Only one question remains: Do you really want one?

Lenovo - logo

It sounds almost too good to be true, but Lenovo (HKG:0992) is launching an X1 with two processors. One from Intel and the other a SnapDragon from Qualcomm. The laptop will also be able to run two different operating systems letting the user switch between them.  Lenovo has tried this in the past but it’s not seemed to have reached market shelves after CES.

The whole idea is to lower power consumption when the user only wants to use tablet functionality and the fire up the Intel-processor when more processor power is needed.  The idea may be nifty, but the problem for Lenovo is that the market is very limited and short lived.  Don’t forget that Microsoft is coming out with a version of Windows 8 for the ARM-based processors and this will really give Intel a run for its money.

While we in general applaud innovation we don’t think that this new product will ever make it to the top 10 on the sales charts. Not only is the market relatively small, but the price is also too high for most customers.

It will be much more interesting when Lenovo starts to market smartphones designed and manufactured in China – hopefully at a competitive price. Ironically Lenovo laptops and desktops have a higher price in China than many other brands as Lenovo is well known in the Chinese market for solid products.S|A

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