IEEE 802.11ac devices start shipping

You are entirely forgiven if you have not heard about the IEEE 802.11ac standard. It is quite new and is an extension to IEEE 802.11a, which operates in the 5GHz unlicensed band.

The huge advantage of 802.11ac is the speed that it can go as far as 1.5Gbps over fairly short distances. This allows the wireless standard to compete efficiently against cabled Ethernet in many environments.  Buffalo is now shipping the first set of product that include routers, receivers and bridges.

The first chip that supports the stand comes from Broadcom, which – apart from Buffalo – also has signed up customer such as Microsoft, LG Electronics, Motorola, Best Buy, Comcast, Belkin, Netgear, China-based Lenovo and Taiwan-based Asustek Computer and D-Link.

It seems that the products from Buffalo get a head start as other companies are not expected to start shipping products until some time this summer.S|A

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