AMD outs new client code names

AMD FAD 2012: Temash is for tablets

AMD Fusion LogoAMD is talking about client and graphics now, with a few new code names outed. Here are the relevant points.


This is going to cause FUD

The two things that we knew were Kaveri, the follow on to Trinity, and Kabini, the follow up to the now dead Wichita and Krishna. New on that list is Temash, the ultra-low power Bobcat variant for tablets. Not much more to say, it is basically a lower speed version of Kabini. The other new one is “Sea Islands”, and that is going to cause headaches. Sea Islands is NOT the code name, it is Canary Islands (CI). Sea Islands is a placeholder like GCN and S. Islands on a previous slide. That’s about it for the important bits.S|A

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