AMD drops HD7900 prices, bundles three games

Dirt Showdown, Nexuiz, and Deus Ex:HR for free

AMD logoAMD is dropping the price on their 7000 series cards today, but luckily that is only the start of the good news. On top of this, you get three free games with any 79xx card.

The official name of the promotion is called Three for Free, mainly because it is just that. If you buy a 7950 or 7970, you get Dirt Showdown (When it comes out ostensibly in May), Nexuiz (Although only for Windows, SIGH, also in May), and Deus Ex:HR (Plus Missing Link DLC, although it is out now, not in May). If this isn’t enough (Even with the added info in the parentheses!), well tough (You don’t have to wait until May!). The offer lasts until April 30th (which is not in May), and you have until May 31st to download the keys (that actually is in May, but just barely).

Buried in this promotion was a price drop for three 7xxx cards. The 7970 drops from $549 to $479, and the 7950 goes from $449 to $399. On the other end of the spectrum, the 7770 drops $20 to $139. These cuts put the top and bottom of the lineup much closer to a ‘good buy’ than they were, but the mid-range 7800 cards still seem quite expensive. These cuts are curious in light of Nvidia’s inability to supply any 28nm parts in volume, but we won’t complain too loudly.

That’s about it, three free games, cheaper prices for the high and low end, and it all starts today, Monday April 16th. Get them while you can, you only have two weeks.S|A

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