Computex 2012: AMD launches Brazos 2.0

A little bump

AMD is launching Brazos 2.0, basically a slightly tweaked Brazos with some new features. If you were expecting all new, you are not going to get it, but the additions to 2.0 are still quite useful.

The short story is take Brazos, and bump the speed a little at the same TDP, add USB3, and up the marketing name of the GPU to HD7000 levels. The raw specs are…….




The chart from the slides

As you can see, Brazos 2.0, now called E2- or E2-1800 in this case, has gone from 1.3/1.65GHz base/turbo to 1.4/1.7GHz, and the GPU has likewise moved from 508/600MHz to 523/680, a much more substantial bump. Brazos 2.0 also has two USB3 and eight USB2 ports courtesy of the Hudson-3L southbridge. 2.0 also supports card readers natively, and SATA 6Gb too, all while dropping idle power from over 900mw to ~750mw.

On the down side, the GPU is listed as an 80 shader HD7000 class part. 80 shaders means VLIW5, so it is 5000 class, not 6000 or 7000. Other than that, it is a little faster, a little better turbo, especially on the GPU, and a few more features. Since there is no increase in TDP, and idle power went down, how can you complain?S|A


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