Micron announces volume DDR3/2133 memory

Any guesses as to why it happened today?

Micron logoMicron announced 2133MHz DDR3 in production volumes today, a good thing for the mainstream. Nothing uses this speed of memory yet, but there are some strong hints that it will not be niche for long.

On the technical side, DDR3/2133, or 1GHz 30nm 2Gb and 4Gb DDR3 chips as Micron officially calls them, are nothing new on the market. You can pick from a long list of specialty parts from Corsair, Crucial, Kingston, and Adata, and just about any other enthusiast vendor.

These tend not to be actual DDR3/2133 chips though, they are usually DDR3/1600 or 1866 that has been screened to run correctly at those speeds. There is no problem with this process, but buying DDR3/2133 directly in large commercial quantities has not been all that easy until now. With this announcement, you can now check an order box from Micron and get 2133MHz parts until you are bored, then screen them for higher speeds in your spare time.

Why is this interesting? No mainstream CPU can utilize that speed officially, right? Well, take a look at the picture here, especially the top bar of the three. Other than being a quarter or so off, if you take 8 or 16 of these new Micron parts…….S|A

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