AMD’s GPU code names finally leak

Old news really, just in an indirect way

AMD logoNews is finally echoing about the next three code names for AMD graphics cards. Not to say we told you so, but we did in a back handed way.

If you recall, we got the Sea Islands code name really wrong, but the internal initials are actually CI, not SI2 or SI. Note the caps in this article from April 6, 2011. And do you get the EMACS joke now? The next attack is usually along the lines of, “But you didn’t know what they stood for”. Take a look here, the phrase, “think volcanic island more than Southern” wasn’t an accident.

There are lots of these, and with that, we can announce a little contest. The first person who finds one of our “Pie” jokes, for PI of course, and posts it in the forums will be sent something. What we don’t know, but we will dig up something cute, not valuable, and sent it along eventually. Now do you get some of the jokes?

For those new to the site, there are dozens of these little far future code name jokes hidden in the articles we post. The CI, VI, and PI code names have been known to SemiAccurate for 18+ months, just ask Eric Demers when we told him…….S|A

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