AMD enters hair care product business for game characters

TressFX: One-stop solution for linked locks on your hair

Gaming Evolved AMD and Crystal Dynamics announced TressFX, in a bid to deliver hair conditioning to game characters.

With DirectCompute as the main active ingredient, and using the famous per-ponytail lock loosening per-pixel linked list (PPLL) structure and several physics simulation formulas to smooth excessively fluffy hair and make your hair appear realistic, sleek and supple under different weather conditions.

Lara Croft, from the upcoming game Tomb Raider developed by Crystal Dynamics and published by Square Enix, is the first spokesperson for TressFX. “After I used TressFX, it has been helping me to make my hair look natural and lifelike,” says Lara, “the effect is better when under windy and rainy environments.”

By making use of the physics simulation formulas, each strand of hair can react with gravity, wind and other external forces, and hair style will still be maintained with each strand of hair being gradually pulled back to its original shape. Per-pixel linked list helps to reduce the complexity of rendering and memory footprint with the help of UAV buffers.

In the end, this has been another score in victory for AMD and their Gaming Evolved campaign. AMD and Crystal Dynamics developers will present their works on TressFX along with other advanced visual effects using DirectX 11 in the upcoming GDC 2013 conference. We at SemiAccurate do hope all game characters will be able to enjoy the benefits of TressFX in the future. S|A

(Author’s note: This has been another bad attempt at telling jokes by this author. He would like to apologize in advance if readers don’t find this piece funny at all.)

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