Samsung’s mobile GPU architecure for Exynos

MWC 2013: Collecting mobile GPU architecture is cool in Korea

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SemiAccurate has learned that Samsung is looking for a few good men (or women) to make the next generation of GPUs for Exynos chip line. In-house GPUs have been rumored for a while, but now there is no mistaking that it is real.

How do we know that they are actively hiring for GPU architects? Well to quote the requirements directly, “Samsung is looking for experienced GPU hardware architects and designers to develop its first mobile GPU core for Samsung’s wireless products.” The document we saw goes on to describe what can only be described as a chief architect for mobile wireless product GPUs to be located at the same center in Austin where the Exynos chips are architected. This may be coincidental but in light of their, well directly saying it is for Exynos with everything but that name, we think it is safe to make that call.

If you know anyone who would fit that description, you might want to have them apply soon. The job opened two weeks ago, and there have been a bunch of applicants that SemiAccurate knows of already. I guess this means most if not all of the other internal GPUs which Samsung was working on that suddenly went radio silent recently didn’t end well at all.S|A

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