AMD teases us over the HD7990

GDC 2013: Dual Tahiti’s are going to be fast

AMD - logoAMD did one of those annoying teaser unveils that many companies do of late, but the card was the near-mythical HD7990. Yes, dual Tahiti’s are finally here almost a year later than expected.

AMD HD7990 dual Tahiti GPU

Two Tahitis, three fans, and infinite fanbois

There isn’t much to say, AMD showed one slide with a picture of the card, said the name, and gave out zero specs. After that, they held up the card you see pictured, and said all of zero more. Actually that isn’t quite true, they said it was whisper quiet because of the three fans provided, but that is as technical as it got. Still, it is pretty, and if power use doesn’t force a large downclock, it is going to be very very fast. Until the specs are revealed, the most we can bring you is the picture above. Enjoy.S|A

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